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Thread: arbitrarily changing dimensions in AutoCad 2002

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    arbitrarily changing dimensions in AutoCad 2002


    A few times when I have dimensioned a drawing in paperspace, a couple of the dimensions change after I regen, move, pan or otherwise modify or alter the drawing. This happens whether or not I have DIMASSOC on or off, and it also happens during different dimstyles. If I match properties with a dimension of a similar dimstyle, or redimension it again, it goes back to the correct dimension, only to change again. I'm talking about dimensions like something that is 7'-4" changing to 1248' for no reason. This is particularly frustrating in that I check the drawing, then it prints out incorrect.

    Does anyone have a reason why this would be happening? I am using AutoCad version 2002, and my operating system is Windows 2000. I Use Explorer 6.0, and we have a DSL connection. It is very important that I solve this problem soon. I can be emailed at, or If you can not help me solve the arbitrarily changing dimensions please tell me where I can find a possible solution.

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    I haven't heard of that one before however, Have you downloaded the latest service pack from autodesk's website. There was lots of quirky things in ACAD 2000 that was resolved by installing both of the service packs.

    Hope it helps

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    Go into "options" ....
    Go to "User perference" ...
    And click off associative dimensioning there ....
    Then turn ON "dimassoc" ...

    Autodesk says this is the same as "dimassoc" ... but it's not ....

    Hope that solves your problem.

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