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Thread: Plotting help please

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    Plotting help please

    I created a drawing that I want to send to a printer. I "Plotted" the drawing to a file.
    I see the file created with a 'plt extention and it is 218kb.
    I e-mailed this to the printer and they say it comes to them as a .plt.dat file????
    I e-mailed it to myself and I get it as a .plt.
    Is this correct for file size??? 218kb (seems small to me).
    Is there any other way to create a .plt file???

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    Why not just sent them the .dwg?

    Any decent print house will be able to plot a .dwg.
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    Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought too but for some reason they wanted a PLT file.I finally got it to work. Problem was I did not have the paper size correct.They just deleted the .DAT extention and it worked.Julian

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