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Thread: Line with Segments

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    Line with Segments

    It has been many years I havenít use my Acad V14 and have forgotten a lot. I have build a CNC router and I try to draw basic shapes to test the machine and I wonder if Iím doing something wrong with Acad or my machine is out of wack.

    I draw some circles in Acad with the circle command (center & radius) which my CNC cuts them but the circles are not like one line but rather segments of small straight lines.

    If I zoom into my drawing in Acad, I can also see that the circles are not one single line but rather consist of many small straight lines which means tha my CNC is ok.

    Is this normal for Acad to draw the circle like that or I use the wrong command. Is there a way to draw in Acad a circle which consists of only one line?

    Thank you

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    It is normal. To smooth the circles out in AutoCAD all you have to do is set the system variable VIEWRES to something between 2000 and 5000. In the past I would set mine to 5000.
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    Thank you so much Kyle, it worked

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