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Thread: Command Problem

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    Command Problem

    i using All version of Autocad like 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 and my problem is the same in all of them.
    after instal a fresh copy of Autocad All Command Work But After week some command like C : Circle And TR : Trim and ... Dos not work properly for example After input c for circle copy And after input tr for trim trace show to me.
    I check All command in acad.pgp file and all of them is correct.
    plz help me

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    Why do you have so many versions loaded? I can understand if you had 2007 and 2011 loaded, but why all the other versions in between? It's really unnecessary and could be the cause of your problem. I would uninstall all Autodesk products and then do a clean install:
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    I work in architecting office and use difrent version in difrent pc not all in 1 pc.
    i say my broblem is the same in all version.
    after instal fresh copy my broblem solve but after many days problem back to me

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    plz help meeeeeeeeeeeee

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    After input c for circle copy And after input tr for trim trace show to me.

    you have problems with the shortcuts, right? Did you erase an older version berfore you installed the fresh version?
    Did you install the update?

    You wrote "... after a week...". What did change? The network, software? user rights?

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    How did you manage to mess up the acad.pgp file in each and every one of the five versions of AutoCAD you have installed about the office on different computers?

    It seems to me that you editted the pgp file then copied it to each computer, or pointed each computer to a version on the server, so no matter who was working where they would have the exact same command aliases available. Is that right?

    You do realize that after editting acad.pgp, if you do so while AutoCAD is running, you must then run the REINIT command don't you?

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