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Thread: Dynamic Blocks

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    Dynamic Blocks

    I'm working on creating a set of dynamic blocks to use in structural drawings and was wondering if it is possible to embed actions within other actions. For example - I'm working on makeing a weld symbol dynamic.

    I want the weld symbol to 'flip' but not the little triangle that sits on top of the tail line of the leader (hard to describe without a picture). The little triangle I just want to move, because I don't want it to mirror. Is there a way to make the 'move' action happen when you click the flip arrow of the dynamic block. Right now I have it set up so you can flip the whole image and then you have to also flip the triangle so it remains facing the same direction.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


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    I understand what you mean, I use weld symbols all the time.

    I have found it best and fastest to have a set of them for fillet, butt, vee, etc. and their double versions that I insert,explode, and then copy the appropriate ones to where they are needed rather than trying to do them as blocks.

    P.S. I should point out that mine are done to British / European Standards which are a bit different from ASME/ANSI symbols.
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    a different approach

    Try chaining another flip action to the weld type designation to the original flip action and make it essentially a double flip to get the weld type symbol back to where it needs to be.

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