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Thread: object selection filter

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    object selection filter

    how do i use an object selection filter in a wblock, i'm reading an instuction book and this is the task that it is asking and when i follow the instuctions it goes wrong please help someone

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    Before i start lets remember ....

    A = add to selection.
    R = remove from selection.

    Open your DWG file...

    lets say its a FLOOR plan...

    You want to make a block of a small area...
    Zoom into that area...

    Now type
    enter key

    now window the area...
    certain items should now be highlighted... as selected objects...

    Type R <enter key>
    to remove some walls or whatever..

    Type A <enter key>
    To add items you didnt select before... etc etc etc

    Once your done selecting...
    Hit enter

    and follow prompts to give it a name and location...

    and your done!

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