Hey peps.

I'm looking for a .LSP routine that involves those pesky keynotes. I've used it before but couldn't get my hands on it when i moved employment and the last employer wants me to pay them for the routine. This is what it does. The routine starts out having all your keynotes typed in a word pad .txt file then places the keynotes in a designated spot in paperspace on the title block. The routine sees which keynote attribute you have places in model space then places them on the title block. For instance, your drawing is done and you need to run the keynote routine to pick up keynotes 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, and 20. The routine then places the text in the pre-designated spot on the titleblock. You then notice there is a mistake in one of the notes (example the detail reference number is incorrect). You can go into your word pad .txt doc, fix the detail number, then re-run the routine and the text changes the error. Please tell me sombody out there in AutoCAD land has this .lsp routin . The only issue is that in Phoenix AZ, we have to have two different text hights. Phoenix wants them at .12 and the rest of the cities want .10 . So in the way i would have to be able to run two different routines . One for regular notes and one for Phoenix. Please help. Thanks for your time