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Thread: how do you load a .ctb file?

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    how do you load a .ctb file?

    i received a set of drawings from our engineer along with a ctb file. everything was fine until i realized that i don't know how to load that .ctb file into my drawing so that it will print currectly. when i try to find it the only options in the plot style table are for cfg, pcp and pc2, how do you do this? i ended up having to copy every line weight from the original ctb file to a brand newone that i created. what am i missing here?

    edit: oops nevermind i think i found it. thanks anyways though
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    For those who don't know. Go to your Tools pull down menu and select Options. When the Options dialog opens, click on the Files tab. In the Search Paths window, double-click on Printer Support File Path and then double-click on Plot Style Table Search Path. This will show you where your ctb files are stored.

    You can then copy and paste, any ctb files you receive, into that directory and they will show up in your Plot Style Table in the Plot Dialog.

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    The "other" way which doesn't require remembering too much is from the operating system desk top utility called: "Find".

    Search for *.ctb in the dialogue box. The system will churn along for a few seconds and then list everywhere it found a file with a .ctb extension.

    Copy your file to the location listed as previously described.

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