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    Cool Osnap Toggle

    I just got a new workstation. I use LT 2004. Somehow my F3 key does not toggle the OSNAP on/off. I know how to customize my keyboard. I just can't find the command for OSNAP TOGGLE to assign it to button F3. I really miss the convenience of using the F3 button. Any help on resetting this?

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    architech Guest
    Look @ your ACAD.MNS file ....
    Added there...

    Hope that helps

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    architech Guest

    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by STEVE SPIELBERGER from pm
    Thanks for responding to my bulletin. First of all, I did a search on my hard drive, I did not find the file "ACAD.MNS". Just to point out, my osnap toggle works with the osnap button at the bottom of the screen. I just can't configure the F3 button to do it. I click customize the keyboard and get all of the options to do it, I just can't find the "toggle on/off" command anywhere in the list to assign the F3 button to it. Any ideas on how to assign the F3 button to toggle osnap on/off?

    try Exit's tip....
    Also .... try AutoCAD help and look up
    Accelerator Keys

    it should help you look for the section in the ACAD.MNS file.

    Try looking for that file again....
    But 1st look at Exit's link....
    Later guy.

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