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Thread: Fatal error xref

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    Angry Fatal error xref

    I have an xref that crashes everytime I try to insert a file from the same project folder. The weird thing is that drawings that the xref is xrefed into are fine. I can insert drawings with no problems. Also if I insert a file from another project folder into the xref it accepts the fatal errors.
    I have audited the drawing and it comes back with no errors.
    What up with that?

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    architech Guest


    Is the XREF clean?
    did you purge it of extra blocks and layers?
    Make sure the XREF has no XREFs in itself. At least no XREFs attached, overlay is fine)

    Hope that helps.

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    Yes, I purged, audited. And checked for any xref's attached to the drawing itself.
    I'm at a loss

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    I'm a little confused by your description of an "xref crash". Is it a drawing with an attached xref that crashes or?

    Besides what archtech suggested, other things you might try:

    Wblock the suspected drawing to another file name; rename the original to something else (similar name) then rename the wblocked drawing to the original drawing name.

    More drastic: Wblock each drawing in the folder to another folder using the same names. Rename the original folder; rename the new folder to the original folder name.

    Do the first one and go through the routine that caused the crash. If no crashes then try it for a while.

    It's a good idea to periodically save critical drawings to a CD or some other location as a back-up. Computers are generally reliable these days but not entirely bomb-proof.

    Hope this helps.... :-)

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    Thanks for the reply, but I have tried all of your suggestions.
    What I mean by "crash"...Autocad gives me the option to try and recover any lost information before it shuts down.

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