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Thread: loft command

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    loft command

    Can any body out there help me? I am currently trying to teach myself Autocad 3D from a book by George Omura. Iam having probs with the Loft command, when I click At the select cross-section in lofting order and then click the next selection I get a message that cannot continue with less that two objects selected. have clearly selected two objects ! can you help please

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    It would be helpful if you attached a copy of the drawing you are working on to your next post so someone here can take a look at it and possibly diagnose the problem.
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    Check your PICKADD variable setting. (Just type it in).

    You should normally have it set to 1.

    If it is set to zero then selecting a new object discards any previous object(s) from the selection set.
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    Make sure your objects are closed polylines too....I use them.......

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