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Thread: Help on how to get Drawing started/finish the drawing

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    So I've been working on it for awhile. I've tried multiple ways but this way seems the easiest for me to comprehend. I've had the 2D drawing done and I joined each segment together using the PEDIT command & join. The part doesn't seem to extrude, however. I don't know what's wrong.

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    First off there is a horizontal line that doesn't belong in the profile you have created.

    Secondly the two areas I circled are incorrect. The arcs should be tangent to the horizontal line.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Another option, instead of using PEDIT and the EXTRUDE command, is to create your profile using any combination of lines, arcs, polylines and/or splines then use the PRESSPULL command to give the object thickness.
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    I'll leave you helping on this Kyle, but those arcs may not be tangental.
    Without the actual dimensions it is hard to tell.

    The profile seems to be over-dimensioned and as with all over dimensioning the dimensions may conflict.

    In particular D4 & D5 are not dimensions you would normally give if the arcs were to be tangental.

    I also believe that the arc you circled in red in post #4 is not a feature, it is just a dimensioning line, showing that R1 passes through H1 at the CL.
    I have dimensioned machined features in this way in the past, (to tell the toolmaker how to grind the required cutter), but it would be more usual practice to break the ends this at actual geometry - like a normal dimension leader.

    To be honest as the central 'hole' features are all designated as D* I would have assumed that they were circular rather than a slot?
    (D* = Diameter, H* = Height)??

    In fact as we don't have any dimensions for the external profile or overall height, and no side view, then I would interpret the whole component as a circular bar with a blind hole in one end that is grooved at the bottom. (ie. the first post shows a section without hatching).

    You might like to try modeling it like that? (I don't have any draughting package on this laptop, may try something later).

    There again, where/what are D2,D3,H2,H3, etc.?
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