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    "New Boy"

    After 38 years of being on the tools installing plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment I now find myself as the " New Boy" in the office of a small building company. I am IT literate and want to harness Autocad as my next tool of my trade; I have never used CAD before. Can someone point me in the direction of what CAD course may be suitable. I've looked at 2d, 3D and Trevit. Is it necessary to do one before the other? As a new comer to CAD and a dinosaur I would need to do practice tutorials, there seams to be a minefield of options out there and they all report to be the best. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the CAD Everything forum.

    I'd recommend starting off with a basic CAD course. You have a couple of options. Most authorized AutoDesk resellers have a basic course that usually runs eight hours a day for five days. Some community colleges also offer basic AutoCAD and depending on whether you go days or nights the schedule will vary. A night course will usually run two nights per week, four hours per night for eight to twelve weeks. You also have the option of both free and paid online courses or tutorials. Free tutorials can be found at or As for paid I'd recommend which has online videos. Stay away from the Penn-Foster AutoCAD course. It is not worth the money. You could however look into the CAD Institute at Murray State College. It's an online course that one takes at their own pace but there is a set deadline. The price is comparable to attending a community college. Whatever your decision good luck in your new endeavor.
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    Thank you for your assistance.

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