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Thread: Tutorial for AutoCAD Mechanical (Basic)

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    Tutorial for AutoCAD Mechanical (Basic)


    Can anyone help me to inform me the website link to get ample of practice drawings (2D Mechanical) in pdf files covering basic concepts of AutoCAD (how fast can we draw a complicated object, how best to use modify commands, etc.)?



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    This sounds like setup spam;
    But I note that you did previously post a question last July (although you never followed up the answer given) so maybe not.

    I'll give the benefit of the doubt-!
    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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    Tutorials for specific disciplines are sometimes difficult to come by. If you want exercises to practice your CAD skills with then any good book about drafting should have more than you'll ever need or want.

    As for tutorials about AutoCAD try over at or at Both sites come highly recommended.
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