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Thread: Old Dog Learning new tricks in ACAD 2016

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    Old Dog Learning new tricks in ACAD 2016


    Just an old dog working hard to learn the new software, so yup a noob again...

    Great web site lots of good stuff here, nice job!

    Here is my question: I start a new drawing set my layer colors for object (green), dims (red), text (yellow) ect.....
    do my power dims and my color comes out the same as the object color.... I did verify that my dims were set to red.

    Please take a peak at my attached pic and let me know where I am fat fingering this one! Also where can I get the dim text to red also that come out as yellow when my dim guide lines do work in red...

    Thank you...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What you are doing there is setting the colour for objects to be drawn on particular layers with particular names.

    Just calling a layer 'Text' and setting its colour will not change the colour of all text, just text (and most other objects) that you put on that layer that has its colour set to 'bylayer' (rather than set to a particular colour or byblock).

    All objects, not just text or dimensions, can have their colours set in various ways.
    Taking the colour of the layer it is drawn on is just one way, and does not work for all types of object.
    Some objects such as dimensions or blocks will use their own internal settings.

    It seems that you want to change the colours of elements within your new dimensions?

    To do this you have to create a 'dimension style' and set the colours of the elements within this style.
    You can have various dimension styles with different settings for text and line colours, text fonts, arrow types, dimension scale, etc.
    You then pick which dimension style you want to use when dimensioning objects.

    I assume that you are teaching yourself to use Autocad, have you accessed any tutorials yet?
    You do realy need to have something to refer to, and to teach you the basics, just as with anything new you want to learn.

    We no longer have a tutorials section as such on this forum but I would point you over here, where there is a good collection of basic and advanced tutorials. (As well as a busier help forum than this one).

    You can find a few good suggestions for books and on-line courses here:

    This could also be a help
    (For instance look up- User guide > Annotate drawings > dimensions and tolerances > Use dimension styles).,
    It's the 2010 user documentation but still applies for 2016.

    Good luck on the journey learning Autocad, but please use some of the tutorials, and maybe consider taking a short training course.
    If you start with understanding how to do things the right way it will save you endless trouble in future when you have to go back and modify things.
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    There is an override in the Dimensions Style dialog box that would allow the user to override the color of, among other things, text associated with dimensions. You didn't happen to go poking around there by any chance?
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    Thanks guys all great info, I googled and tweeted the piss out of this issue, which led me here. Know I see more buttons and settings which are needed to get under my belt. As for AutoCAD started learning it when it was using 5 1/4 floppy's now I dated myself haha. My problem is worked for a company that used Anvil 1000K for all of our drawings and design for manufacturing machines and tooling, pretty nice program but not up to speed like AutoCAD is now. So now have chomped off a big bite, had to forget everything I had learned before, and think like ACAD 2016 and then on to Revit gearing myself toward building construction work..... Found a great free site for the AutoCAD basics the narrator is great. so I am day four in my learning curve already doing arrays, and other fun stuff. Pretty sure I will post some more silly questions here as I progress.

    Thanks again!

    Time to go looking for more settings.... "I know there is a pony in there someplace..."

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    Thread closed due to spamming.
    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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