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Thread: Drawing Position Change when re-opening

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    Drawing Position Change when re-opening

    Hello All,

    Thank you in advance. When I open a drawing to work on it, then view to Extent (fill drawing area). Then save, close drawing and open again the position is not the same. It seems to expand slightly (not to extent anymore). When I double-click middle mouse button it's back to extent again.

    AutoCad 2016 LT Product Version(M.49.0.0)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails After Close - Re-Open.jpg   Before Close - OK.jpg  

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    It's not a bug in the program just a quirk. It has no negative affect on the drawing either. Ignore it.
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    It's just one of those quirky things that happens now and again, with some drawings but not others.

    You will also find that now and again one will come up in a slightly different position on screen.

    It's not realy a problem as the first thing you normally do when opening a drawing is zoom to the area you want to work on.
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