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Thread: Plotting problem with my acad lt 2014

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    Plotting problem with my acad lt 2014

    I am having a problem to set my acad lt 2014 to print in monochrome or pdf. When I try to edit the style it always default to a previous setting of plot style which I can't get rid of. Can anyone help.

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    I think this may be as easy as ticking the box in the plot dialogue that says 'Save Changes to Layout' - at the bottom of the 'plot options' on the right of the dialogue box.

    If this is not ticked then when you come to plot the layout it reverts to the previous settings ignoring any changes that you made in the dialogue.

    (I've never been sure just why this is not ticked as a default, I think its a holdover from when layouts were a new thing, about 20 years ago).

    Please come back if this does not solve the problem.

    If you want to change your settings from the plot dialogue without actually plotting the drawing, then make your changes and click on the big 'Apply to Layout' button at the bottom, then cancel out of the plot dialogue.
    This saves your changes to the current layout so that they are there when you do come to plot.

    Whichever method you use, if you want to keep your new plot settings with the drawing remember to save it even if you have changed nothing else.
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