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Thread: double click to drag window?

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    double click to drag window?

    i've been having problems with my laptop. i recently updated a driver for the touchpad, and then when i rebooted the machine and restarted autocad, now whenever i want to drag a window, to zoom make selections to move, etc., the first time i click to start the window, nothing happens. if i pause for a second then click again, it starts my window.

    this is making me crazy.


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    Not sure why a driver update for your Touchpad should affect AutoCAD. Did any other Windows program exhibit unusual mouse-like behavior after the update to the driver? Drivers for laptops should be hardware specific and not affect programs per se.
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    no mouse problems in any other software. no idea if touchpad had anything to do with it. i updated it around the same time, so i was just trying to think of anything that might have caused it.

    any ideas on what to do about it?

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    I've seen this before somewhere.

    It was to do with a touchpad setting that is intended to set a delay and so ignore accidental touches.

    Try checking your mouse/touchpad settings to see if a delay has been set.
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