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Thread: CAD NOT ADEQUATE for multicore process

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    Angry CAD NOT ADEQUATE for multicore process

    Dear all,
    can somebody explain deeply why in 2015 CADs , all CADs are still using multi-core processor for 2D design (which is the most common) as old dual core ? Why CAD can't be rewritten for parallel calculation let us using all the power of new hardware ? This is a limiting bottleneck NOT irrilevant .
    How do you get around it ?


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    You don't "get around it". There is no need for cad to be multi-threaded in a 2D application.
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    You started another thread here a week ago asking the same question with exactly the same wording.

    Asking again on the same forum a week later is not likely to get any different answers.

    All it does is make me wonder if you are suddenly going to try and sell us your new wonder product that is claimed to solve the question.
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