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Thread: Lisp routine for sum area of hatches needed - how to

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    Lisp routine for sum area of hatches needed - how to

    Hi. I want to be able to export the sum areas of different hatches to show the total floor areas of different uses. Is there a good lisp routine for this or any other way of doing this efficiently? I am a complete beginner when it comes to this so please reply with an easy to understand answer. Appreciate it.

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    Take a look over at :

    There are a number of lisps there that total areas and output in different ways.
    (All lisps there can be downloaded free, you can make a donation if you find them useful).

    The 'Area label' looks like what you are after, lets you pick objects and output their areas to a table or to a file, but check the others as well.

    As you are a beginer you will also find tutorials on using lisp on Lee's website.
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    Thank you, I will start using that lisp.

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    There are free plugins to solve of this problem (calculate the summarized areas of polylines):

    Polyline Quantities

    MeteorSpec LT

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