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Thread: xrefed images don't plot

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    xrefed images don't plot

    I have two .jpg's xrefed into a drawing file (AutoCAD 2014). everything on the drawing plots except those images. They are not on 'no plot' layers. At first we xrefed in the files as pdf's and then saved them as jpg's and xrefed those in. The images either way don't plot to pdf. I sent the drawing directly to a printer and they showed up. Very confused and frustrated.

    Any thoughts?

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    As they plot at the printer but not as a PDF then it is obviously something to do with the way they are being plotted to PDF.

    Are you 'plotting to pdf' or 'exporting'?

    Tutorial (scroll down the page):

    If you are plotting then do you know what driver is being used?
    I have had problems in the past with images not plotting from within Autocad and it turned out to be a driver problem.

    The plotter I was sending it to was a Toshiba Laser printer using a .psl2 (postscript) driver.
    When I changed it through windows to use a .pcl6 driver the problem was cured.
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